Can TripStop handle extreme temperatures?

Can TripStop handle extreme temperatures?

Yes. Over 18 years of exposure to intense heat in council pathways in Australia’s north, without one single failure.

At the other end of the thermometer – TripStop passed the RMIT Freeze and Thaw test with flying colours.

And, TripStop has been exposed to years of extreme freeze-thaw cycles in sidewalks in Canada without any issues.

Can you use steel mesh with TripStop?

Yes. As long as the mesh is covered and finished with minimum concrete cover as per Standards Australia AS 3727.1:2016 5.3.2(b):
– 30mm to the top surface of the pavement
– 40mm to the slab edge or formed joint (TripStop)
– 50mm to weakened plane control joints

Also, according to good engineering practice as outlined in AS 3727.1:2016 5.3.2 (e), steel reinforcement shall not be continuous through control joints.

These standards are to protect against concrete cancer, which can occur when steel mesh is exposed to the elements.