The essential concrete jointing system for sustainable public footpaths and cycleways

Reducing maintenance costs while creating safe, sustainable public footpaths and cycleways by stopping tree roots and soil movement from displacing and breaking concrete slabs.

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You can’t stop tree root invasion or soil movement under public footpaths and cycleways. You can either try to resist the forces by locking the concrete slabs together or use our unique patented bi-directional articulating jointing system that accommodates movement.

Jointing systems that lock slabs together ultimately fail and cause displacement at great cost to your council, your community and the environment.

Thanks to TripStop, there’s a safer, more effective and more sustainable option that eliminates repairs and replacements of your public pathway networks.


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TripStop allows footpaths and cycleways to coexist with nature without costly ongoing repairs and replacements of damaged slabs caused by tree root invasion and reactive soil.

Use our handy cost benefit analysis calculator or get in touch to learn more.

Use our handy cost benefit analysis calculator

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We’re committed to helping you create sustainable infrastructure. Footpaths and cycleways deliver invaluable economic, environmental and social benefits for communities, from generating budget savings and protecting tree-dense areas to helping people stay connected.

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TripStop keeps public pathways free from trip hazards caused by slab movement. So, it’s safer, easier and more enjoyable for people who live or work in your community to use your footpaths and cycleways. Social communities are more profitable communities.

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Since we created our unique, patented concrete jointing system, 200+
councils across Australia and the globe have used TripStop with NO FAILURES.

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For 15 years we have been including TripStop in maintenance and new work, particularly near trees. And now our residents are enjoying safer hazard-free footpaths whilst the council enjoys diminishing maintenance costs.

Mr. Collin Williams
Construction Manager

South Gippsland Shire Council

As a consulting engineer for a new residential subdivision in Te Atatu in the Auckland City Council I was confronted with challenging soil conditions, a layer of peat, and a very high water table, common in much of the Auckland area.

After much investigation, in conjunction with the developer, for all footpaths, we specified concrete construction with TripStop joints to produce a solid structure that will float on the earth whilst remaining safe for future residents.

Mario Prinsloo
Consulting Engineer

Airey Consulting Ltd

In 2007 then Director of Infrastructure James Magee heard about TripStop on the ABC Television’s The New Inventors and resolved to give it a try.

The Council now specifies TripStop for all works and looks forward to footpaths that will stay looking great and retain their integrity whilst eliminating tripping accidents for years to come.

Mr. Michael Evans
Director of Assets and Operations

Yarriambiack Shire Council

For just an additional 2% increase in the cost of the project, we specified TripStop in the Campaspe River shared trail to guarantee a safe, maintenance-free pathway for the design life of the asset.

Mr Sai Jegatheeswaran
Project Manager

Macedon Ranges Shire Council

In 2003, with a lot of hope and a degree of doubt, I agreed to trial TripStop. I selected one of our worst tree damaged locations.

Previously at the John Street location, we had been replacing three bays every thirteen months or so. So far we have saved three replacements. I expect to save at least two more replacements before the ramp angle will be unsafe.

That will be a saving of around $3,000 for just one location over 6 years. We have now specified TripStop for all maintenance and capital works.

Mr. Bryan Dennis
Civil Infrastructure Coordinator

Bayside City Council Victoria, Australia

With over thirty-five years of experience in the construction and building industry, I thought I had seen all types of jointing systems for concrete footpaths and cycleways.

Then I saw TripStop, a totally unique articulating jointing system that accommodates movement of adjacent slabs, caused by tree roots and soil movement, whilst retaining joint integrity. A totally opposite approach to all other jointing systems that attempt to resist these forces.
Since then I have included TripStop in all our design projects where appropriate.

Mr Ted Bennett CP Eng.
Managing Director

Civil and Structural Engineering Design Services Pty Ltd

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