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TripStop or Equivalent

There are no “Equivalents”.

TripStop is a unique patented profile that cannot be legally duplicated. TripStop`s profile was designed specifically to stop tree root invasion and soil movement from displacing concrete footpaths and cycleways. Unsurprisingly, as a result of our now dominant market position, some pre-existing jointing systems now claim equivalent functionality.


  • A Patented Bi-directional Articulating Jointing System
  • A structure in which relative motion is allowed to occur between parts, by means of a [double] hinged or sliding joint or joints (civil engineering definition).
  • TripStop was specifically designed to enable slabs to accommodate positive and negative articulation caused by tree root invasion, reactive soil movement and sand jacking (A Bi-directional Articulation Joint).

Other Jointing Systems

  • Joint locking systems
  • All other jointing systems were specifically designed to maintain neighbouring slabs engagement when expansion or contraction occurs due to initial hardening and future temperature changes.
  • These jointing systems, with or without dowels, were not designed to accommodate positive or negative articulation. They were specifically designed only to accommodate horizontal or lateral slab movement.

If you want to stop residential pavement joints from displacing when exposed to tree roots or soil movement, you have only two choices …… try to RESIST the irresistible forces or ACCOMMODATE them.

TripStop ACCOMODATES slab movement – Other systems seek to RESIST

If you want your concrete footpaths and cycleways to last 50 years plus, best you don`t specify this jointing system.

Glued rubber cap easily dislodged
Glued rubber cap easily dislodged
Glued rubber cap not fit for purpose
Joint structure not sustainable
Comprehensive fracturing creates a hazard
Extreme fracturing extreme hazard
Hazard extends 60mm above the pavement

A Detailed Comparison

Comparing TripStop with a “competitor” that claims to be an equivalent jointing system.

An independent Finite Element Analysis (FEA) that presents the results of computer simulation studies on two PVC profiles used for jointing of pedestrian pavement concrete slabs. The aim of the computer simulation studies was to compare the behavior/movement of the two profiles and the resulting stress distribution in the concrete and PVC components.

Independent FEA Available Here

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