TripStop is so easy to install that almost anyone can do it.

In most cases, it takes less time to install a piece of TripStop than it does to do a dummy joint. Its far quicker than installing a Dowel and easier than any expansion joint. No flimsy metal or plastic Key joints and no painful Inserter Bars that require cleaning are used installing TripStop.

TripStop can be installed by anyone who can lay concrete. You can even screed off TripStop.

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To be effective TripStop joints and slabs should at all times be laid keeping sound engineering practices in mind. A good AU guide is AS 3727-1993) which takes into account the required concreting standards that will ensure the maximum longevity of the concrete asset [the path] itself. TripStop “hinge joints” provide the load transfer between concrete slabs and control displacement which is the cause of trip hazards. Together you have a maintenance free concrete path.

TripStop Must:

  • be installed strictly to guidelines provided by TripStop or its accredited agents.
  • not be installed out of tolerance TripStop or it will void your warranty.
  • run the full depth with no more than a little slurry under the joint, full width of the slab and must finish flush with the surface of the finished concrete. (We suggest not to edge the joint).
  • have up to 5mm clearance at each end of the TripStop to allow for an edging tool to be passed without interruption.
  • be installed to within +/- 5 mm or 5 degrees of vertical as illustrated.
  • when installed in straight sections of pavements, be installed to ± 30 mm per metre of width from a right angle to the length of the pavement.
  • in curved pavements install the TripStops radially to the curve. They should be installed to ± 30mm per metre from the radial line.