All TripStop products come as a complete product set, including TripStop Pegs and Wedges. Every order includes an appropriate amount of Pegs and Wedges to perform the full installation.

TripStop Pegs and Wedges

We recommend using three Pegs and Wedges per 1.2m to 1.4m length, 4 per 1.5m to 1.9m length, 5 per 2.0m to 2.4m length and 6 per 2.5m to 3m of TripStop to firmly hold the length in position during the pour. 

TripStop Pegs and Wedges

TripStop uses 6.3mm galvanized steel Pegs and one plastic Wedge per Peg to fix the TripStop in place whilst the concrete is poured. We offer 5 Peg sizes. 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm and 400mm long pegs for the different length profiles and/or different soil types. Depending on soil type you can select what Peg length you need with your order.

TripStop is so easy to install that almost anyone can do it.

In most cases, it takes less time to install a piece of TripStop than it does to do a dummy joint. Its far quicker than installing a Dowel and easier than any expansion joint. No flimsy metal or plastic Key joints and no painful Inserter Bars that require cleaning are used installing TripStop.

TripStop can be installed by anyone who can lay concrete. You can even screed off TripStop.

Watch the Installation Video

We offer a range of after sales training resources including videos, documents, guides and live training to further assist our clients. See our download pages for Video and Documents.

We have prepared an installation guide to assist with training your contractors.

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