pdf Existing Driveway Connection - TripStop S Profile Popular


This document outlines how to join the TripStop 'S' profile to an existing Driveway.

pdf Browns Walk Path installation Popular


This is an example of an installation of TripStop, where existing cobblestone was replaced with a TripStop installed path.

pdf TripStop TSS Installation Guide Popular


This document explains how to install TripStop to be as effective as possible. Ideally the Tripstop sections should be positioned directly above the most aggressive tree roots. Where the aggressive tree roots are not obvious, or are being removed, then TripStop section (A) should be placed in the line with the centre of the trunk of the tree. TripStop sections (B) and (C) protect at the drip line which is the most active area.

pdf TripStop Cutting Guide Popular


This document shows the correct method for cutting and trimming TripStop PVC joiners. Tripstop, being made from PVC is easily cut to length. Tripstop can easily be cut by hand in the field using a sharp fine tooth saw such as a panel saw - 10 teeth to the inch or more. A hack saw with a course cut is also suitable.

pdf Driveway to path installation Popular


This document outlines the standard installation requirements when using TripStop to join a driveway to a concrete pathway. The document outlines the sizes of TripStop needed along with the correct placements to ensure minimal slab movement over time.

pdf Australian Installation Guidelines Popular


The purpose of this document is to provide guidance on constructing residential concrete footpaths complying with the Australian standards. The document combines the provisions in the Australian Standard: Guide to Residential Pavements1 with those covered in the newly published “Guide to Residential Streets and Paths” and presents information in a user friendly manner for practitioners for installation in the field. The document is structured into four main sections covering general information, un-reinforced pavements, reinforced pavements and correct construction procedures. In conclusion, the advantages offered by TripStop for all the stakeholders are summarized.

pdf Brisbane Installation Specifications Popular


This document outlines the specifications that should be used when installing TripStop in problem areas. It was created to be used as a standard installation guide when determining which areas require TripStop.