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Strategic Asset Management Plan There is some overlap between the activities with certain maintenance activities extending the life of the footpath and hence these maintenance activities will be capitalised, but these must be determined on a job by job basis. For example, sections of footpath that are displaced by tree roots are now replaced using ‘tripstop’ construction joints that will prevent future displacement and thus renewal of that section of footpath has occurred.

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This is an episode of the official Port Phillip newsletter, in which it is highlighted that TripStop will be in use in aggressive tree invasion areas. The council has installed ‘TripStop’ strips into concrete footpaths along Williamstown Road, Port Melbourne, and Tennyson Street, Elwood. TripStop is a rubber joint inserted between concrete bays to minimise movement between the slabs, often caused by tree roots, with the aim of reducing pedestrian accidents caused by uneven slabs. These test sites are currently being monitored.

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This report deals with the issues being faced by the City of Unley with respect to the damage, subsequent liability and the life cycle costs of maintaining the footpath network and seeks to provide an evaluation of the options for Council�s consideration. In addition this report discusses Water Sensitive Urban Design (�WSUD�) principles and their application in the urban environment and recommends Council further pursues such principles as opportunities arise.

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This document provides photo evidence of an extremely agressive tree that used TripStop at the installation for testing purposes.

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The City of Whitehorse is trialling an innovative invention called �Tripstop� designed to alleviate local footpath hazards caused by tree roots. Whitehorse Mayor, Councillor George Droutsas, said �Tripstop�, which won an innovation design award earlier this year, would be used in several footpaths throughout the municipality in the current capital works program.

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This report outlines the intention of North Sydney City Council's intention to trial TripStop. Seventy five percent of Council�s footpaths are concrete. This represents an area of 324,200 square metres. Currently within this area there are approximately 2,500 stepped joints caused by the root activity of adjacent trees. Eighteen percent of these steps exceed 25 mm in height. Stepped joints caused by tree root activity account for about 65% of the defects found in concrete footpaths. These figures are a �snapshot� � no reliable growth models of the vertical displacement of concrete joints are available.

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The Mornington Peninsula Annual report.

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This is the Knox City Council's Asset plan

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The Brisbane Memorandum report outlines the different trials of concrete safety products, specifying the differences in the products and their effectiveness at doing their job. "A significant component of Council’s annual maintenance budget for footpaths and bikepaths is the treatment and removal of trip hazards caused by the differential movement in concrete slabs due to tree roots and unstable ground conditions. Typical action taken for these hazards are: Make safe’ with asphalt ramps – short term solution to make site safe until one of the options below can be undertaken Grinding of the raised section of the trip hazard – medium term solution that can only be repeated limited number of times; Replacement of section of path with new concrete – longer term solution, though the path will generally lift again due to tree roots.