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TripStop provides a world class solution to worldwide infrastructure woes.

Our critically acclaimed product reduces council maintenance, assists in eliminating exposure to damaged concrete paths and beautifies cityscapes across the globe.

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What is TripStop?

TripStop™ is a rigid PVC profile that is used to form transverse joints in concrete pavements that are capable of transferring load while accommodating rotation and contraction or expansion. It is particularly suited to pavements designed for pedestrian or bicycle traffic. Pavements of this type are relatively lightly loaded but are often subject to relatively high levels of uplift from tree roots and subsidence and / or uplift from soil movement.

TripStop is UV and Ozone stabilised and Lead and Cadmium free extrusion that is installed in the concrete during the pour. Its uniquely designed double 'hinge' allows the concrete segments to raise and lower when the earth moves. This ensures that the segments or modules do not displace and create tripping hazards.

TripStop is currently being used in footpaths, bike paths, crossovers and driveways. Basically anywhere you want to control concrete slab displacement is where TripStop should be used.

TripStop 75mm Profile
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TripStop keeps our expensive infrastructure looking its best
6 months after installation WITH TripStop installed
6 months after installation WITHOUT TripStop installed
Even with dramatic lift, TripStop keeps performing
  • The Best In Class

    The Best In Class

    There are 3 simple reasons that make TripStop the best product in its class...

  • Simplicity.


    Due to the simplicity in TripStop's design, there is no way that it can fail if installed correctly. TripStop is also very simple to install.

    Simply Better

  • Durability


    TripStop has been in testing for decades - We've tested it to its limits in every way imaginable. It's been tested to fail - So that it doesn't


  • Longevity


    TripStop is designed to last for longer than the path that it's installed in. Once the slab is replaced, the TripStop can even be reused!

    Lasts Longer

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TripStop has performed an in-depth case study of a large installation in Rowville, in the City of Knox, Victoria, Australia.

This case study was undertaken to measure the impact of TripStop on concrete footpath maintenance and replacement costs.

Read the Case Study Document

City of Knox Case Study

The City of Knox has installed TripStop as a case study in the prestigious Sutton Lake Estate in Rowville, Victoria.

This installation shows how well TripStop works in urban environments by preserving the unbroken and pristine looks of the pathways over many years. TripStop was installed in multiple locations between 2005 - 2008, with the TripStop treated pathways still enduring the tree laden streetscapes. This installation proves that with the correct planning procedures you can preserve your pathways, whilst saving your council excessive slab replacement and maintenance costs.

"The lack of tripping hazards makes for a pleasurable pedestrian experience so sought after in these communities"

These almost self maintaining pathways will ensure that the residents properties retain the high end look expected in such a prestigious area, free from tripping hazards. The massive reduction in the requirements for grinding also limits the exposure of the nature reserve to noxious concrete dust.

Sutton Lake The Sutton Lake estate, a sought after area of Rowville, VIC. TripStop was installed throughout this estate, from Superior Avenue, to Erie Avenue and right through Eildon Parade. See the map below for more specific install locations.
Map of installations