The City of Knox have always been early adopters of new products and continue to be great clients. Initially only small trials were done and Knox put some in to trial and then waited to see what happened - so we had to wait until the trees grew.

Rowville Case Study

Knox saw encouraging results from some of their early trials so in 2005 they did a large scale trial installing over 400 pieces of TripStop in the paths in the case study area. At the same time they replaced many other slabs in the same streets in front of the same trees without TripStop to see the difference.



In 2012 TripStop went back to see and record what happened, and the results were stunning.

Not one of the TripStop sites had displacements but they have moved and some quite a bit and many of the non TripStop sites did have movement, displaced and some had been ground.

The footpaths in Erie Ave and Superior Ave and their Courts would have to be the most photographed footpath in the World. Every slab and joint with and without TripStop have been photographed time and time again. We walked the streets, recorded data and published the results. Over $480k was seen to be spent in these streets in maintenance. No doubt it was far in excess of that and we only recorded what we could see. Almost all of the slabs had been replaced at least once. Saying this there is no way to know how many times they had been replaced before that. Same with Grinds we only recorded what we saw.  

It's now 2016 and since we did the case study in 2015 many 100s of slabs have been replaced again in the Knox case study area.

Rowville Case Study Rowville Case Study Rowville Case Study