Rotorua Lakes Council is upgrading Kuirau Park

The area is a series of sports fields, play grounds, pools and an attractive park area with lots of mature trees and grass and winding through the park is a new shared footpath and cycle way.

Rotorua Lakes Council is upgrading Kuirau Park.
Rotorua Lakes Council is upgrading Kuirau Park.

Kuirau Park is one of New Zealand's must see attractions. Colourful landscapes, majestic bushland and geothermal activity are just a few of the attractions that bring in thousands of tourists - all eager to walk the paths and tracks that surround the area.

This informal public park is touted as one of the best free attractions in Rotorua and is located right next to Rotorua's city centre. The park has sports fields, geothermal pools, playgrounds and kilometres of walking tracks that are full of mature trees.

"Installing footpaths in these reactive environments without TripStop will end up in hazardous situations"

All of this infrastructure is built on a clay based swamp that is subject to geothermal activity, lots of movement and has poor drainage.

Rebecca Cray, Landscape architect for the Rotorua Lakes Council recently designed a new shared footpath and cycleway that was to be erected in the Kuirau Park area. Faced with the proposition of rapidly failing concrete due to the highly reactive conditions of the area, and unable to change the location of the installation Rebecca was faced with a unique challenge. A challenge that TripStop was happy to help her solve.

"TripStop is designed to cope with these type of reactive conditions"

With the assistance of Steve Elvy, Contracts Supervisor at Rotorua Lakes Council, Rebecca was able to specify the use of TripStop in the new installation.

Specifying TripStop in these tough conditions is the best way to ensure your assets are protected. TripStop will dramatically extend the serviceable life of concrete in these types of situations.

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