This section is dedicated to giving you answers to frequently asked questions about TripStop and the many things that relate to the way concrete reacts to movement, whatever the cause. Movement can be caused by tree roots invading, soil swelling uplifting slabs, thermal expansion or soil subsiding or a combination all causing concrete slabs to become misaligned/displaced. If it moves once what are the odds that it will it move again? In areas where you have TripStop you wont have to worry about displacements, grinds, asphalt wedges/ramps or replacements again. Areas prone to movement without TripStop are another story. Who knows what trees will be planted into the future, by Council or a home owner or where they will be planted.

Please search our site using the 'search TripStop' function or browse through this area for your specific questions. If something you want to know is not listed here, or something needs more explanation or needs an edit please contact us for a quick response. If you want to ask me a specific question feel free.

Peter Mclean