Many councils have chosen to use TripStop for very important reasons:

  • TripStop will save you money
  • TripStop will protect your citizens
  • TripStop will reduce your workload
  • TripStop will reduce your CO2 footprint
  • TripStop extends the life of concrete paths many times*
  • TripStop reduces the risk of personal injury to pedestrians

TripStop reduces the overall maintenance cost to councils who use it

TripStop is the right choice for the safety of your community and the benefit of your long term budget goals. Ensure the safety of your citizens and save money while you do it.

TripStop. Its A Good Step.

*Based on real life installations [Bayside testimonial which now is in its 10th life cycle] and statistical figures produced by RMIT's institute of technology. Actual life span depends on the installation techniques used and the extent of displacement occurring at the installed site