The TripStop CBA [cost benefit analysis]

TripStop provides a valuable cost benefit for councils who want to save money over the long term by reducing repair and replacement costs associated with misaligned slabs caused by soil erosion, tree root invasion and other causes of slab misalignment.

If you would like us to do your CBA we need some basic information from you to do so. There are two sides to this.

a/ Replacements. Its expensive repairing and replacing these slabs time and time again. The question to now ask as...if if moved once and one had to go back an repair or replace will it move again? The odds are YES. So why not end this cycle and use TripStop?

b/ New. While the cost of the TripStop versus the cost of the new path looks bad in some cases, if you specify it to Developers the end user [home or land owner] pays, which is how it should be. Council thus inherits a maintenance free footpath. This breaks the cycle and lets Council concentrate on the repair and replacement of the older footpaths. Hopefully with TripStop installed this time as you can bet if a footpath displaces once it will again. Over and over.

We need to know details and costs for each as there are different costs and factors involved.

  • Total metres of Replacements and New subdivisions per annum
  • Slab length ie spacings between the joins/contraction joints
  • Slab width ie width of path
  • Maintenance costs ie costs for Grinding/Slicing the displacements per linear metre and costs per linear metre for Asphalt Wedges/Ramps.
  • How many locations do you go back and replace in 5 years or less? This 'location' is usually in front a a tree and involves 3 or more slabs. This could be a Bayside example ie a nightmare tree situation that they used to go back every 13 months and replace 3 panels of concrete or a similar situation. This will be an educated guess on your part.
  • How many Slab locations that you have fixed do you think will fail again?  This will be another educated guess on your part.

If you email TripStop the information we will do a confidential CBA and email you the results. In most cases expect to see a 6/1 pay back. That is for every $ invested you save $6 over time. In high risk areas its much more!