• Welcome to the Future of TripStop

    Welcome to the Future of TripStop

    Introducing the TripStop S Profile. Lightweight, robust and much easier to transport and install.

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  • TripStop will save your city substantial costs

    TripStop will save your city substantial costs

    Any path treated with TripStop will lift or fall when soil displacement or tree root invasion occurs. This eliminates the need for replacing, grinding or asphalt ramping in these areas.

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  • TripStop will stand the test of time

    TripStop will stand the test of time

    TripStop has been in testing for decades, with multiple installations in countries around the world. TripStop will last for as long as the concrete will, and can be reused once removed.

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  • TripStop is so easy to install

    TripStop is so easy to install

    TripStop is so easy to install that just about anyone can install it. The simplicity of the installation means that contractors easily adopt the procedure.

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  • TripStop will move with the earth

    TripStop will move with the earth

    If tree roots lift the concrete slab or expansive soils raise or lower the slabs, TripStop will ensure they don't displace.

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  • What is TripStop?

    • TripStop is a unique jointing system used in concrete paving that stops slab displacement.
    • TripStop is a rigid PVC profile that simultaneously separates and joins concrete slabs to form a modular joint system that transfers load.
    • Slabs treated with TripStop accommodate substantial Tree Root Invasion or Soil Movement without creating trip hazards and costly maintenance requirements.

  • Why Use TripStop?

    • Smart Australian Councils, Engineers and the Private sector use TripStop to create maintenance free footpaths and cycleways.
    • TripStop turns an ever increasing maintenance and replacement backlog into an ever decreasing one.
    • Use TripStop in all new and replacement footpaths to eliminate all future maintenance and replacement caused by Tree Root Invasion or Soil Movement.

  • Why Councils and the Private Sector use TripStop

    • Eliminate Costly Maintenance
    • Eliminate Trip Hazards
    • Eliminate Grinding & Ramping
    • No Interruption to Services
    • Reduced Legal Costs
    • Reduced CO2 Footprint

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TripStop VS Mesh Reinforced Concrete

The results may surprise you
Watch us Testing Mesh
TripStop has been put through its paces against mesh reinforced concrete. Our results show just how much trouble mesh can cause. We now know why Australian Standards AS3727 8(e) say to not use mesh through control joints.

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Rowville Case Study

Years of Testing

We've been testing TripStop for decades
TripStop has been installed throughout different city councils for decades. Our proven track record shows just how usable our product is. Real maintenance savings are now a reality.
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